Registration for the new season will be taken Sunday, Feb. 21 and again Sunday, Feb. 28 from 3-5pm at the complex.  Sunday Night Mens League fee is $500, while Weeknight Mens and Coed League fee is $400 for 8 games and an end of season tournament. This fee includes 12 players on the roster and additional players may be added for $15 each. All participants must be able to provide a photo ID indicating the age of at least 18. Sunday League is limited to 32 teams, Weeknight Men limited to 18 teams, and
Coed League limited to 9 teams.

Rosters, complete with signatures and full information on all players, must be submitted Sunday, March 6, prior to the 3pm MANDATORY coaches meeting at the complex. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the team being dropped from registration.

A team is not fully registered until the full registration fee is paid. No personal checks or credit cards are accepted.  Sponsor company checks are welcome, however if the check is returned insufficient the team and its players will be suspended until the debt is paid.

Spring Registration Form is HERE

Please direct any questions to the message phone 432-550-7811.