The eight field softball complex located at the southwest corner of East 42nd and East Loop 338 in Odessa, Texas has been proudly named in honor of a lady whose name is synonymous with the sport of softball in our city.

Mabel Powell began her softball career in 1968, playing in the women’s fast pitch league. As one of the best fast pitchers in West Texas she led her team to many championships in local competition and in tournament play in Texas and New Mexico. In 1970 she began serving as an officer and board member for the league. Unable to secure enough teams for the fast pitch league after the 1977 season, she turned to slow pitch and excelled there as well, in both women’s and coed leagues. At the same time, Mabel was promoting the new girls’ program Miss Softball America in every capacity. She presided over, organized, coached, sponsored, and officiated with enthusiasm and dedication in both the adult and youth programs.

Men’s recreational softball was so popular at the time that games were being played at small ballparks all over town. The women’s league was stuck at one park where safety and security became an issue. When the city was able to obtain a grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife to build UTPB Park in the early 80’s, Mabel jumped at the chance for equal opportunity to have both men and women conduct softball games at one facility. She even organized workdays and supervised crews to remove mesquite stumps and debris from the area in eager anticipation of the construction.

Pat & Mabel Powell

In 1996 she was instrumental in the creation of our non-profit corporation Odessa Softball/Sports Unlimited, Inc. and served as its president until her untimely passing in 2009.

The purpose of the non-profit is to promote the sport of amateur recreational softball while maintaining and improving communication with the City of Odessa.

Mabel dedicated her time and talents over a period of 40 years in an unselfish effort to accomplish just that.

She knew the rules and she played by them, always maintaining an atmosphere of fairness, good sportsmanship, and athleticism.

We are delighted to honor her and dedicate this complex to her memory.