All slow pitch softball leagues offered to adults 18 and older are played at the Mabel Powell Memorial Softball Complex. Spring season begins around mid March, followed by Summer season starting about June 1, and Fall season begins after Labor Day. Registration will begin 30 days prior to each season and a limited number of teams will be accepted.

Coed League games are scheduled Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. Games are played with equal number of men and women alternating in the batting order. Women hit an 11” ball while the men hit a 12” ball. A minimum of four teams will be required to create the league.

Tuesday/Thursday Men’s League games are at 8 and 9pm in an effort to avoid conflict with the Coed League. Depending on the number of teams registered, separate divisions will be created in order to facilitate scheduling and fair play.

Sunday Men’s League has proven to be our most popular, so games begin at 6, 7, 8 and 9pm. Here again, separate divisions will be created within the league for scheduling purposes and to allow for more equal competition.

Church Coed, Women’s League, and Six Man League have been offered previously and will be again if there is sufficient demand.

Team registration fee in each league includes a specific number of players, while an unlimited number of additional players may be added for an extra charge. A player is allowed to be on only one team in each league per season. Example: 1 Spring Coed team, 1 Spring Tu/Th Men’s team 1 Spring Sunday Men’s team. Transfer between teams is prohibited. Teams are allowed to reorganize between seasons. Balls must be purchased from OSA and bats must be those approved by USSSA and display the appropriate stamp.

Awards are given for each league and will be determined by the Executive Board. A division with only four teams will receive first place only; a five team division receives first and second place; six or more teams in a division will receive first, second, and third. At the end of each round of league play, an end of season tournament is offered at no additional cost, with separate awards being given.