League will follow USSSA rules, but Odessa Softball Association rules will prevail where there are differences. Then these coed rules apply. 

Note that church coed league has additional exceptions. Seasonal or temporary adjustments to these rules will be discussed at the managers meeting.

  1. Each team must field a minimum of 7 players (4 women, 3 men) to start a game. A team may bat up to 12 players, but may never bat more men than women. Players may be added to the lineup after the game begins until reaching a maximum of 12 batters. No automatic outs for starting with less than 10. If a team bats 7, 9, or 11 the lineup must begin and end with a woman batter. There may never be more men than women in the game and there may be only 1 extra woman.
  2. Church Coed Exception: May start the game with only 3 men batting in the 2nd, 4th, and 6th position in the lineup and then add women to equal 10 batters. As additional men players arrive, they may be substituted in the batting order for women providing the alternating gender pattern is maintained. In this case the 11th and 12th batters could only be added if the first 10 equaled 5 men and 5 women.
  3. A man who walks will go directly to 2nd base. The woman behind him has the option to bat or walk, but must notify the umpire verbally of her choice.
  4. Traditional coed women hit an 11” ball and men hit a 12” ball. Church coed uses only the 12” ball for all batters.
  5. When a woman is batting, outfielders must be positioned and remain behind the 200’ line, and infielders must be positioned and remain even with or behind baselines but not on the grass, until the ball is hit. Penalty is ground rule double for the batter.
  6. The only requirement for defensive alignment of players is a man pitcher and a woman catcher. This is for safety purposes.
  7. Men must make every attempt to prevent collisions with women. Sliding is considered an attempt to avoid collision.
  8. Church Coed Exceptions
    + Men bat opposite handed. Umpire must be notified of all switch hitters prior to game.
    + One man may be used to hit original side 1 time only during a game. Umpire must be notified prior to hitting the ball.
    If proper notification is not given, the batter will be called back to hit opposite side.
    **This option is available only once per game.**
    +No quick pitching.
    +Home run limit set at 6 per team.
    +Run rule 15 after 3 innings, 12 after 4, and 10 after 5.
  9. NO children or spectators in the dugouts. Penalty will be applied.