Odessa Softball Association League Rules

1. City Ordinance prohibits possession of alcoholic beverages or being intoxicated at UTPB complex or any other ballpark, parking lot, or playing area. Violation could result in immediate arrest and/or fines up to $200. Automatic league penalty for first offense is suspension for I year to date. Board will determine penalty for additional offenses. City Ordinance also prohibits littering inside the complex and in the parking lot. Coaches have your players and fans clean up after themselves

2. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Profanity heard by the umpire will result in ejection from the game. Any attempt to injure another player will be cause for removal from the game and further disciplinary action will be taken if deemed necessary. Anyone ejected from a game twice in one season will be automatically suspended until the Board meets to determine the length of the ensuing suspension.

3. OSA League Rules supersede USSSA Rules when necessary. Seasonal or temporary adjustments to league rules will be announced at the managers meeting.

4. The manager is responsible for all operations of the team. Manager or acting manager is to be responsible for all actions of the team on the field.

5. Only the manager is to discuss the game with the umpire. Managers must see that players do not dispute a call or ruling. Umpire will notify manager of any warnings or disciplinary actions and the manager is to see that the player(s) comply. One minute will be given for an ejected player to leave the field. Failure to do so will result in forfeit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. Time will start at the completion of the coin toss to determine home team. Managers have one minute to respond to umpire’s request for coin toss and lineup. If a manager does not comply, the umpire may award home team and start the clock. If a team is still not ready to play, the umpire may begin calling balls and strikes every ten seconds. Note: Visiting team gets automatic 1/2 point.

7. Lineups must be complete with team name, players’ first and last names (no nicknames or “Junior”), opponent team name, and manager’s signature — all of which must be legible! List substitute players if space allows. Lineups will be checked regularly to verify compliance with eligibility rules and violation will result in penalty and a monetary fine.

8. Twelve players may be included in the batting order and any 10 of those may play defense. All players in the batting order may be switched defensively during or between innings and will not be considered a substitution. Umpire must be informed of any substitutes entering the batting order.

9. Teams must have at least 7 players to begin and continue a game. No automatic outs for starting with less than 10 players. Batters arriving late may be added until the lineup reaches a total of 12.

A player ejected from the game for misconduct will result in an automatic out being called each time he should have come up to bat unless a legal substitution is made. Players leaving the game due to an emergency or being called in to work will not result in automatic outs.

10. Player Eligibility and Eligibility Challenges: The eligibility of the player on the field is the dual responsibility of the player and the team’s manager and coaches.

Official Team Roster: Players must be at least l8 years old, must be on the team’s official roster on file in the Odessa Softball Association records and must have signed the roster. It is the responsibility of each player to have a picture ID showing date of birth in his/her presence during the game, and it is the responsibility of the manager or coach to make sure that each player in every game is an eligible player.

Eligibility Violation: lf a player’ s eligibility is challenged, that player will be given 60 seconds to produce a picture ID and the official roster will be checked. If the ID is not produced and the eligibility is not confirmed, the following penalties will be enforced:

1. Game is forfeited.
2. Player and acting manager or coach will be suspended for one calendar year or until documentation can be produced proving eligibility. If the player can not be proven eligible, the suspensions will remain in effect for one calendar year.

Eligibility Challenges: When a team challenges player eligibility, the game will be stopped, and the eligibility of every player in the game from both teams will be verified.

Managers may only protest player eligibility before the game has ended. Any OSA member may protest player eligibility with no protest fee required. Any OSA Men’s Board or OSSU Executive Board member may enforce this rule at any time and without a team’s protest.

11. New players may register any time by paying the required fee and signing the team roster prior to entering the game. No player transfers from one team to another. Players may be on only one team in a division as follows: a) Sunday Night b) Week Night c) Coed d) Church e) Church Coed.

12. Emphasis is placed on safety. Any bat brought into the complex is subject to being checked by the USSSA Director or UIC. Illegal bats will not be allowed in play. Refer to the current USSSA list. Use of illegal bat will be cause for forfeit of the game and applicable USSSA penalty.

13. Softballs must be purchased from OSA. The ball will be legal for play as long as the OSA stamp remains visible and the umpire approves it.




17. Jewelry removal is at the discretion of the umpire. OSA recommends jewelry is not worn.

18. No electronic devices allowed on the field at any time. Cell phones, beepers, etc. should be left in the dugout.

19. Home run limit is set at 6 per team.

20. Base stealing is not allowed in league play.

21. One courtesy runner per inning. Refer to USSSA for subs.

22. Run Rule: 20 after 3 innings, 15 after 4, and l0 after 5.

23. SCOREKEEPING: Each team is responsible for keeping its own score and must verify score with umpire at the end of each half inning. Score may not be changed after the next half inning. A team not keeping a scorebook may not contest the score. If a team keeps a scorebook on their own team but not on their opponent, that team may contest only the score of their own team but not that of their opponent.

24. Ties in the final standings will be determined by results of earlier head to head competition. If after considering the win/loss record a tie still exists, total runs scored in earlier head to head play of the tied teams will determine the standings. As a final remedy, a playoff game will be ordered.

25. Awards are given for each session and will be determined by the OSA Executive Board.

26. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. A returned sponsor company check will be subject to a $30 fee and must be paid in full before that team will be allowed to play. Forfeits will be declared in the interim. Any returned sponsor company check covering additional player fees must be paid before the player(s) will be eligible.

27. RAINOUTS: For rainouts, schedule changes, etc., call the ballpark at 432-310-5510.
Call this number for information before calling a board member. Rainout or schedule changes will be announced on the voicemail message, posted at the ballpark and/or at the website odessasoftball.com. Teams will not be called except in special situations.

28. NO MUSIC ALLOWED. First offense coach is ejected; second offense automatic forfeit; additional penalties determined by the Board.

29. NO PETS. NO ICE CHESTS, COOLERS, OR WATER JUGS. NO UNAUTHORIZED USE OF FIELDS. Contact a Board Member for field rental reservation and payment of fee.

30. Managers may complete umpire evaluation form if desired.

Message phone: 432-310-5510 • Email: odessasoftball19@gmail.com