Team fee includes 7 players. Additional players $20 each. Maximum of 10 players on the roster at one time. A player can be dropped and a new one added, but that player can no longer play on the original team or any other. Player fee of $20 is required to drop and add.

Pitcher will have a pitching screen which will be considered part of the playing field.

Must have at least 4 players present, or forfeit. No excuses. Game time is forfeit time.

Only 6 players on the field: pitcher, catcher, 4 outfielders. Outfielders can play anywhere.

25 minute games or maximum of 4 innings. Hustle in and out between innings to allow more playing time. Only 1 minute to switch.

Half point awarded to visitor.
Home team will still have last at bat.
Batter starts with 1-1 count, same as regular league games.

Awards to be determined by the size of the league

2 outs per inning


Outs are determined as follows: Ball caught in the air

Ball hits the infield dirt first and does NOT roll all the way to fence Batter fouls out
Batter strikes out

Points are determined as follows:
1 point = Ball hits the grass without being caught or ball hits infield dirt first and rolls all the way and hits outfield fence

3 points = Homerun (unlimited)

4 points = Ball hits grass first and rolls and hits fence or bounces over (like ground rule double)

5 points = Ball hits the fence in the air 6 points = Walk

10 points = If pitcher is hit or even tries to field a ball and drops it (This is to encourage pitcher to stay behind the screen!!!!)

Pitching screen is part of the field, so a ricochet off screen is in play